Monday, September 10, 2007

Mickie James

Mickie James (born on August 31, 1979) is an American professional wrestler currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling on its RAW brand.
As a three-time former WWE Women's Champion, Mickie James is known for her bouncy personality and energetic in-ring style. She defeated both Trish Stratus and Lita for her first two championships and pinned Victoria in a Triple Threat Match to claim her third title from Melina.

-Personal life
James loves horses and used to groom her grandmother's horses every day after school with her sister Latoya. She owns three horses: Rhapsody, Bunny, and Casanova. She plans to teach children how to ride horses and also plans on getting back into riding and showing horses after her wrestling career slows down.

As a child, her favorite wrestler was "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and she often wrestled her father and younger brother on the trampoline in their backyard. Along with Randy Savage, James cites Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, and Sherri Martel as her "all-time favorite" wrestlers when she was growing up.
Her old trainer, Dory Funk, Jr., decided to take Mickie under his wing after he saw her at an event where Lita gave a speech to women trying to get into wrestling. During her training, she mostly wrestled men because her class had very few women. Also while training to become a wrestler, she worked as a waitress in an Olive Garden in Richmond, Virginia.
Before gaining fame in WWE, Mickie posed nude in the May 2000 issue of Leg Show magazine.
Mickie has been engaged to fellow WWE superstar Ken Doane, currently known as Kenny Dykstra, since March 2006. The duo has lived together in King William County, Virginia since August 2006.
In late 2006, Mickie completed her Associate's degree in Business Administration, and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Operations Management.
Mickie's favorite TV shows are Family Guy and the three CSI series, but has said that she rarely gets time to watch TV because of her wrestling career, her college degree, and her horse riding

-In wrestling;
-Championships and accomplishments;

My opinion:
She is elastic!!
She is great wrestler and
she is very pretty or beautiful, slim, interessant, sweet and cute!
If you like (or dislike) comment.


all_ball_ny said...

Mickie, you are an angel. I am forever and a day in love with you. Every opportunity i have to watch you i do, and evertime i see you my lips curl up and my spirit is given new life because of you. You are truly an angel for all times and people and i thank you for sharing your life with the world so that i could imagine a world where we were together. And though that can never happen, i am thankful for having the mere thought of a life spent with you, Mickie my love.

juan said...

mickie james my best wrestlor for all women even if you lose against someone i still love you,as all-ball-ny said thank you for sharing your life with the world.i don't know how i can prove that i really love you.only if i get your e-mail address i will be the happiest person in the world

Anonymous said...

hey you are so pretty but kind of ugly because i like melina better so be gone

melina said...

hey you are pretty but i like melina better because my name is melina

Dark Angel said...

Mickie James You are my heart and soul i really truly love you and will always love you because of how cute and sexy you are plus we have a lot in common and my dream is to one day meet you and probly go out with i love you Mickie

Dark Angel said...

Mickie James You Are My Heart And Soul I Really And Truly Love You Because Of Your Style And How Cute And Sexy You Are Plus W e Have Alot O f Things In Common And My Dream Is To One Day Meet You In Person And Probly Go On A Date With You MiCkie I Love You

Anonymous said...

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